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Apple Varieties
Varieties that produce well west of the Cascades






(Requires little spraying or none)

WILLIAM’S PRIDE         Dark maroon-purple skin with many tiny white dots cover a yellow fleshed fruit with a mildly sub acid flavor.  One of the best flavored of the older disease resistant apples.  Ripens in early August.

WYNOOCHE  Thin skinned, red fruit.  Great for fresh eating; skin almost disappears when cooked.  Scab resistant.  Ripens in early August.

PRIMA           Medium to large, round fruit with dark red blush on bright yellow background.  Mild subacid, juicy white flesh.  Immune to scab.  Ripens late August or early September. 

DAYTON       Medium to large fruit with 90% glossy red over yellow.  Pale yellow flesh is crisp and juicy with great sweet-tart flavor.  Highly scab resistant.  Ripens in early September. 

CHEHALIS    Yellow, similar to GOLDEN DELICIOUS but ripening about one month earlier, mid-September in Puyallup.  Fine fresh, in salads, good cooked.  Keeps to January in refrigerator.  Discovered by Lloyd Lonborg near Oakville.

NOVA   EASYGRO          Promising disease resistant variety.  Medium sized fruits which are striped and blushed.  Crisp and good to eat.  Highly resistant to apple scab.  Ripens in late September.

LIBERTY        Very promising new disease-resistant apple.  Attractive, fruit 90 percent red blush.  Flesh is slightly coarse, crisp, juicy, and sweet.  Ripens in early to mid-October.  Highly resistant to apple scab.

FREEDOM    Sister tree to Liberty.  Medium to large, round, bright red fruit.  More tart than Liberty.  Ripens early to mid-October.  Highly resistant to apple scab.  

JONAFREE    Improved Jonathan type with good tart dessert quality.  Firm, crisp, juicy, pale yellow flesh.  Highly scab resistant.  Mid to late October.

FLORINA      Large, red striped fruit.  Aromatic spicy flavor.  Vigorous tree.  Immune to scab.  Ripens mid to late October.  Keeps into January.



(in approximate order of ripening)

AKANE        From Japan.  Resembles JONATHAN but lighter red. Uniform medium size, smooth, attractive.  It ripens soon after GRAVENSTEIN in late August - early September.

MOLLIE'S   DELICIOUS         One of the sweetest late summer apples.  Crisp, light yellow with orange blush.  Large fruits. Ripens late August.  Somewhat susceptible to scab.

ALKMENE   A Cox’s Orange Pippin cross.  Medium-large yellow, slightly striped fruit with a delightful sharp tang.  Somewhat scab resistant.

SANSA            A cross of Gala x Akane which ripens before Gala.  It has a brilliant red-orange over a golden ground color.  High quality dessert apple.  It is similar in fruit color and firmness to Gala with some resistance to scab.  Good keeping quality for an early apple. 

BURGUNDY The very intense skin color is almost blackish-red and is a solid blush, without stripes.  Fruits are large, round, crisp, subacid and very good eating quality.  Storage life is short, no more than a month.  Ripens  mid-September.  Susceptible to scab.

HONEYCRISP  One of the best known newer apples and it grows very well in western Washington.  Crisp and sweet as its name suggests.  Excellent eating, cooking, and keeping qualities.  One parent is Keepsake.  Some resistance to scab.  Grows better with plenty of calcium.  Starts ripening in mid September and will hang on the tree for about 3 to 4 weeks. 

JONAMAC     Medium-sized MACINTOSH type dessert red apple with 90 percent dark blush.  The eating quality is very good and is superior to MACINTOSH.  JONATHAN X MACINTOSH.  Ripens late September.

BRAMLEY'S SEEDLING    Traditional cooking apple of the British Isles.  Large flat greenish yellow fruit with broad, broken brown and red stripes.  Firm skin.  Firm, juicy, sharply acid flesh.  Cooks to perfection with rich juice and no hard pieces.  Extremely high vitamin C content.  Resistant to scab and mildew.  Ripens late September.

HAWAII    Golden Delicious x Gravenstein.  Gourmet dessert apple with somewhat of a flavor and aroma like pineapple.  Large, yellow fruit with light pinkish orange stripping at times.  For those who want a Golden Delicious type it ripens better here than the Golden Delicious.  Susceptible to scab just like Golden Delicious and Gravenstein.

SWEET  SIXTEEN    Good size, up to three    inches, conic shape.  Cream colored flesh, unique pleasing flavor, high sugar, moderate acid, aromatic, trace of nutty flavor.  Flesh is crisp and firm, good storage, handling, cooking, fully colored and somewhat scab resistant.  Superb cider apple.  Ripens early to mid-October.  

KARMIJN DE SONNEVILLE  Fruit is dull red over a yellow-green ground color.  COX ORANGE X JONATHAN.  Flavorful.  Reported to be a good keeper.  Triploid; ripens in early October.  

HOLSTEIN    Open pollinated seedling of COX'S ORANGE from back in 1918.  Larger, deep yellow fruit with varying reddish orange blush; sometimes lightly russeted.  The first bite tastes quite tart and then it mellows in your mouth with a full vibrant flavor.  Quite resistant to scab.  Triploid.

KEEPSAKE    Medium sized, 90% red fruit.  Fine grained, hard, very crisp, juicy, light yellow flesh.  Strongly aromatic flavor.  Very hard when picked.  Mellows in storage.  Ripens in mid to late October.  Somewhat resistant to scab.  Great keeper.

SPARTAN      A very attractive MACINTOSH type apple maturing about two weeks after MACINTOSH.  It has firmer flesh and is of excellent dessert quality.  Bears at a young age and heavily.  Ripens mid-October.

HUDSON'S GOLDEN GEM   Large, high quality russet.  Conical, elongated fruit.  Smooth, uniformly dull yellow russet skin; very long stem.  Sugary, juicy, crisp flesh.  Flavor is somewhat nutty.  Excellent dessert apple.  Keeps in storage for three months.  Resistant to scab.  Ripens mid--October.

RED BOSKOOP  Great culinary apple-pies and sauces.  Remains tart even after storage.  Very large fruit and vigorous tree.  Triploid.  Late October. 

JONAGOLD   Large, round, firm, light scarlet stripe over a yellow ground color.  Ripens in late October.  JONATHAN X GOLDEN DELICIOUS.  Has inherited best of both parents.  It ranks as one of the best dessert quality apples, yet tests have shown that it also has very good processing qualities.  Truly dual purpose.  

RED JONAGOLD   Red sport of JONAGOLD.  Otherwise just like the regular JONAGOLD.  Fully blushed red.  Ripens late October..

GROVE          Bright red, very hard, crisp, and juicy.  Beautiful on tree.  Looks much like RED DELICIOUS.  Good keeper.  Ripens in late October.  From Mountain Grove, MO, Fruit Experiment Station.

MELROSE      A winter apple which has outstanding keeping characteristics.  Has kept in an unheated garage in good condition to May 1.  The fruits resemble the parent, JONATHAN, except are later ripening, larger, less well-colored and somewhat flatter in shape.  Flavor is less tart than JONATHAN.  High quality dessert and processing variety. 


(In approximate order of ripening)  

LODI              Replacing YELLOW TRANSPARENT.  Fruit ripens a few days later but is larger.  Will bear every year through proper use of thinning.  Ripens mid-July.

GRAVENSTEIN Fall apple.  Orange-yellow skin, striped red.  Fruit is crisp and juicy.  Favorite cooking apple.  Hardy.  Needs pollenizer.  Ripens late August - early September.  

RED GRAVENSTEIN  Much like regular GRAVENSTEIN except fruit is deep red in color.  Better keeper.  

STARR GRAVENSTEIN   A strain of RED GRAVENSTEIN obtained from Summerland BC.  Ripens at the same time as regular GRAVENSTEIN.  More firm and keeps better than regular GRAVENSTEIN.  Ripens late August, early September.

KIDD'S ORANGE RED  Medium to large apples ripen in mid-September.  Sweet and tasty.  A favorite dessert apple.  A parent of Gala.  

STRAWBERRY Old time favorite red apple.  Sweet, crisp, and juicy.  Ripens mid to end of September.  In our opinion, this variety makes some of the best applesauce and pie.  Scab resistant.  

KING              Crisp, sweet, late apple.  Fruit is large, yellow-green with red stripes.  Good for Western Washington.

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Trees in this section have either not been fully tested at our nursery or there are not enough trees available to list in the regular sections.  The following varieties are available for trial.  Please ask if you would like more information on any of them.  


A few apple varieties are partially self-fertile but will produce much better if there is another variety that blooms at the same time.  GRAVENSTEIN, HOLSTEIN, JONAGOLD, KARMIJN DE SONNEVILLE, and RED BOSKOOP are pollen sterile and therefore cannot be used as pollinators.  We have blooming charts and other helpful information here at the nursery to make sure you have trees for adequate pollination.  The pollination charts are now on the website.  Click on the contents button at the top of the page and then click on the apple pollination.




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