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Cherry Varieties
Varieties that produce well west of the Cascades



Stella Under Netting


(in approximate order of ripening)  

EARLY BURLAT  Old French sweet variety recently released by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture.  Large, firm, deep red fruits of good quality, similar to Bing.  The fruits will crack in some seasons.  Ripens in late June.  

BADA             Yellow sweet cherry with red blush.  Creamy flesh has best flavor when tree ripened.  Vigorous, productive, genetic dwarf tree.  Can be easily maintained at 12-15’.  Heavy, reliable producer.  Good pollinator.  Recommended by Oregon State University for areas where bacterial canker is a problem.  Ripens in early July.  

HEDELFINGEN Medium size, blackish-red, and firm fleshed fruit.  Very good quality, highly productive, and crack resistant.  Ripens in mid July.  

STELLA          A good-quality, self-fertile sweet cherry, developed in British Columbia.  Large, dark red fruits, very good flavor.  Less subject to cracking than Bing.  Good pollinizer for other sweet cherries.  Moderately resistant to bacterial canker.  Ripens in late July.  

LAPINS          Van x Stella.  Firm fruit as large as Bing.  Excellent quality and rich flavor.  Bacterial canker and crack resistant.  Heavy producer.  Self –fertile.  Ripens late July.





(in approximate order of ripening)    

ENGLISH MORELLO  Medium-size dark red fruit, good quality, producing purple-red juice.  Highly productive.  Low, broad-spreading tree makes harvest easy.  Ripens in mid to late July.  

MONTMORENCY The standard pie cherry for commercial and home planting.  Bears early, very productive.  Medium-large dark red fruit, good quality and flavor.  Needs very little disease control if kept open to sun.  Ripens in late July.  

The cherry trees are on the Krymsk 5 and Colt rootstocks.  Krymsk 5 is a dwarf to semi-dwarf rootstock and the Colt is larger.  Besides the varieties listed above we have the ANGELA,  COMPACT LAMBERT, COMPACT STELLA, EMPEROR FRANCIS, and RAINIER.  Also there is another tart cherry called NORTH STAR.




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Last modified: December 28, 2011