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Pear Varieties
Varieties that produce well west of the Cascades



El Dorado


HARROW DELIGHT  Medium sized, slightly smaller than Bartlett.  Flesh is high quality and very smooth with no grit cells.  Very productive tree even at a young age.  Ripens in mid-August.  

AURORA       High quality attractive dessert pear which ripens just before BARTLETT.  The fruit is large and has a regular pear shape.  It is bright yellow lightly overlaid with russet, and frequently is slightly blushed.  The flesh is smooth, melting, and juicy, and the flavor sweet and aromatic.  The fruit will keep well in cold storage until December.  The tree is vigorous and upright.  

RESCUE        Large to very large, elongated, pyriform fruit, yellow skin, partially covered by orange and red stripes and blush.  Creamy, smooth, buttery flesh, mild, sweet flavor.  Ripens just after Aurora.    

KALLE           Mutation of Clapp's Favorite with solid, dark red blush, very attractive.  Mild pleasant flavor; tree vigorous and productive.  Ripens in late August.  

BARTLETT    Favorite pear for canning and fresh fruit.  The fruit normally is of large size, has a smooth and attractive appearance.  Tender, juicy, buttery and of high dessert quality.  Excellent for home use on dwarf rootstock.  Ripens late August to early September.    

BEIERSCHMITT  Was discovered as a seedling of Bartlett in Iowa.  Medium large, yellow fruit; dries well.  Excellent flavor with mild, tender, very sweet, grit-free flesh.  Tender, easily bruised skin.  The flesh does not turn brown when cut, making a fine salad pear.  Ripens about the same time as Bartlett..  Spreading, moderately vigorous tree is a dependable, heavy producer. 

SIRRINE        Green and yellow fruit with Bartlett shape.  Juicy, melting flesh with sweet, rich flavor.  Tree is a regular, heavy bearer.  It is a Bartlett seedling that is slightly smaller than Bartlett but sweeter.  This is our favorite pear for drying. Candy sweet dried.  Ripens in early to mid September.    

ORCAS           Yellow fruit with carmine blush.  Large, flavorful pear that is well suited for home orchards and processing.  Good for fresh eating, canning, or drying.  Both tree and fruit show some resistance to pear scab.  Preferred over Bartlett  Ripens in early September.    

DELICIOUS   One of the best pears for the home fruit grower.  Disease resistant.  Pears have golden skin and white flesh.  Ripens early to mid September.  Excellent dried.  

GORHAM      A BARTLETT type pear, picked ten to fourteen days later.  Keeps well in cold storage.    

SIERRA          BARTLETT X MARILLAT.  Large green fruit with flavor and texture similar to BARTLETT but generally of finer quality.  Does not scab easily.  Originated in Summerland B. C.  Ripens in late September.    

ATLANTIC QUEEN  Immense, yellow-green fruit up to 1.5 lbs.  Fine, firm, melting, very juicy, sweet flesh.  Distinctive, delicious aroma.  Prolific bearer.  Skin turns a characteristic yellow when ready to be eaten.  Old French pear discovered in a New York garden close to the seashore.  Ripens late September.  Very vigorous.  If you can use a large tree and want large fruit this is one you might like to try.

HIGHLAND  A very high quality dessert pear which is normally picked four weeks after BARTLETT.  It develops better quality if stored about a month before ripening, and will keep in refrigerated storage until January.  The fruit is large, fairly smooth, pyriform in shape, and yellow covered with light russet.  The flesh is melting, juicy, nearly smooth in texture.  The flavor is sweet and rich.  The tree is moderately vigorous and productive.  Season; early October.  

CONFERENCE Medium large, slightly long fruit.  Smooth green skin tinted with russet.  Excellent keeper, high quality dessert pear, firm and sweet.   One of the easiest to store and ripen of the winter pears.  Cold storage is not needed to ripen.  Pick early to mid October.  

COMICE        Very firm large French butter-type winter pear.  Needs a month of storage for ripening; stores well until Christmas.  Does well in Western Washington.  Season: Early to mid October.  

EL DORADO Medium to large fruit, lumpy surface; yellow-green even when ripe.  Very long storage life, keeps until January-February.  Quality very good to excellent, sweet, smooth, melting.  Also good canning.  Needs refrigeration before ripening.  Pick about mid-October.    

BOSC             Medium to large, dark yellow fruit with brownish russet skin and long, gourd-shaped neck.  Tender, aromatic, juicy, smooth textured, white flesh.  Rich, slightly acid flavor.  Fine for eating, baking, and drying.  Needs refrigeration for best ripening.  Harvest mid to late October. 

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The following varieties are available for trial.  Please ask if you would like more information on any of them: ANJOU, BP MORETTINI, BEURRE GIFFORD,  DUMONT, JUMBO, ROGUE RED and others.

All pears need cross-pollination.  Two varieties are needed to obtain an adequate fruit set.  BARTLETT and SECKEL will not pollinate each other.  See the pear pollination chart to see what varieties will pollinate each other.   To obtain the best quality of fruit, most pears should be picked about ten days before they ripen.  The winter pears such as HIGHLAND, COMICE, EL DORADO, ANJOU, & BOSC require cold storage before ripening.  Available on dwarf and semi-dwarf stock.    

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