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Plum Varieties
Varieties that produce well west of the Cascades





Would you like to have a flowering plum tree that has decorative reddish purple leaves and then bears delicious purple plums?  Then, try our HOLLYWOOD PLUM.


METHLEY      Medium to large, reddish purple fruit.  Juicy flesh with a sweet, mild, distinctive flavor.  Fine quality.  Good for fresh eating or jelly.  Self fruitful.  Ripens late July to August.  A good pollinator for other early blooming varieties.  Japanese type.  Vigorous. 

EARLY LAXTON  Bright pinkish orange fruit dotted with rose and violet.  Juicy, sweet, freestone flesh, high in vitamin C. Reliable, heavy bearer.  Must be thinned or branches will be too heavy.  European type.

MIRABELLE  Small, round, yellow fruit with yellow dots.  Firm, tender, yellow, freestone flesh, sweet and mild.  Good for jams, tarts, compotes, and canning.  Grown in Europe, especially in France.  Spreading tree is highly productive.  European type.

SHIRO            Yellow skin and flesh; very juicy, flavor is mild, sweet.  Usually fruits heavily.  Ripens early August.  Japanese type.  

BEAUTY        A bright red, medium sized fruit that has amber streaked flesh.  The tree is said to be self fruitful.  Ripens in early August.  Dependable.  It is fast growing and extremely productive.  

HOLLYWOOD Bears large reddish purple plums that ripen in mid-August.  Plums are delicious fresh eating, freestone when fully ripe.  Excellent for Western Washington.  Apparently does not require cross-pollination.  Japanese type.  See a picture of the Hollywood plum tree at http://www.arthurleej.com/a-spencer.html. Click your back button to return to the plum descriptions.

GREEN GAGE Yellow-green skin, yellow flesh; firm, juicy, sweet rich flavor.  Old standard type, good for dessert and canning.  Ripens mid-August.  Green strain available too.  European type.  

SENECA         Large, sweet, juicy prune plum.  Ripens just before Stanley.  Tree vigorous and upright.  Requires pollinator.  European type.  

STANLEY       Fruit is large size and dark blue.  Flesh is greenish-yellow, juicy, firm, and sweet.  Ripens mid season.  Excellent prune for eating fresh, canning, and drying.  An exceptionally hardy type of the Italian.  Self-fertile.  Ripens early September.  European type.  There are also some ITALIAN trees available.  

BROOKS        An excellent eating prune of unusually good quality.  Keeps well.  Does not need a pollinator.  This plum is great for dehydrating.  Ripens early September.  European type.    

Check out our Plum pictures on our photo website.  Click here.

The following varieties are available for trial.  Please ask if you would like more information on any of them: FRIAR, DAMSON, EL DORADO, ELEPHANT HEART, HOWARD, IMPERIAL EPINEUSE, OBILNAJA, PRESIDENT, QUEEN VICTORIA, SCHOOLHOUSE, and SHROPSHIRE DAMSON.   We have been impressed with the FRIAR.





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