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Apple Pollination
Varieties that produce well west of the Cascades



How to Use the Pollination Charts

1.  Select the variety to be pollinated from the left side of the chart.

2.  Pollen parents are listed across the top of the chart.

3.  If the point where the squares cross is white, the variety will be pollinated.

4.  If the point where the squares cross is darkly shaded, the variety won't be pollinated.

5.  If the point where the squares cross is lightly shaded, the variety will be partially pollinated.

The bloom order is from early season to late season.  The very early blooming and the very late blooming are not recommended to pollinate each other.  Most of the data is from the W. S. U. Mt. Vernon Research Station.  If you are unsure of the blooming time of the variety you are trying to cross with it is best to pick a mid-season bloomer.



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Last modified: December 04, 2003